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Diagon Elite

Posting Access:
Select Members
welcome to diagon elite:
Welcome to Diagon Elite. In this community, select members of the community can post graphics (Shop Owners), writing (Prophet Writers) and/or Fan Art (Alley Artists). Placing in the Diagon Access section of specified writing, graphics or art contest will grant you posting access for that medium. In addition to that, members can submit an application to become a Shop Owner or Alley Artist. There is no application to become a Prophet Writer and access will only be granted through contests in Knockturn Elite.

Our Shops Mistresses grade posts made by our Shop Owners and Alley Artists, and our Prophet Editors grade the fan fiction, drabbles and essays. They also post weekly points totals, announce weekly themes and have overall authority about what goes on in Diagon Elite. Diagon Elite point round-ups operate on a weekly basis; a post will be made to close it for the week every Wednesday at 9:00PM CST. If you want items included in the current week (this is especially important in terms of themed posts), please make sure to post before the Wednesday deadline. Anything posted after will be counted in the following week’s point round-up.

points scale for each work in diagon elite:
025: Exceptional
020: Excellent
015: Above Average
010: Average
005: Okay
001: Variations/Deliveries

posting requirements/limitations:
Each member can post up to 30 original works per week in each medium that they have access for. In addition to the 30 originals, 3 variations of each work is allowed. There are no limits of deliveries of requests/signature tags offered by members with posting access. If the original work adhere's to the week's theme, an additional 2 points will be awarded. If you have any questions about any of this, please don't hesitate to ask any of the Diagon Workers.

Members are required to have a business card to use at the top of their posts. More information on this can be found here. The following textareas contain the formatting that must be used for posts in Diagon Elite.

shop owners:

You are allowed to put three icons or a banner cropped to 300x100 pixels outside of the cut as a preview for the post.

prophet writers:

You can put 75 words of one of your works as a preview outside of the cut.

alley artists:

You may put a teaser banner cropped to 300x100 pixels of one of your artworks outside of the cut.

other important imformation:
Do not ask Diagon Workers for specific breakdowns of the points you receive.
NC-17 works are not allowed, due to the members of the communty who are underage.
Clearly label variations and themed works.